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Invite Uncle Charley’s to breakfast! It’s been called the most important meal of the day, and we tend to agree. Step away from the bacon, and prepare to start your day the Uncle Charley’s way with our selection of signature flavors that will add a little extra “Mmmm… that’s good!” to your morning.

Breakfast Mac and Cheese

If eating mac and cheese for breakfast is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. Start your day with this delicious twist on the comfort food classic! Jampacked with flavor, this dish includes three types of cheese, a jalapeño pepper, diced red bell pepper, and crumbled biscuit topping. Mix in some Uncle Charley’s Breakfast Sausage and voilà, a breakfast of champions!

French Toast Sausage Roll-ups

French toast and sausage go hand-in-hand. Sure, most often sausage is served on the side of French toast, but we don’t believe in following the norm. Why not just combine the two? Easy to make and fun to eat, these sweet and savory french toast sausage roll-ups are a creative breakfast treat for any day of the week! We suggest using Uncle Charley’s Blueberry Maple Links for an added burst of fruity flavor. No, you probably won’t ever want to eat regular French toast ever again.

Breakfast Sandwich with Maple Butter

Sometimes the best breakfast is one you can eat on the go. Ditch the dry granola bars and opt for a hearty and filling breakfast sandwich. This simple recipe puts a sweet spin on the popular breakfast staple by adding homemade maple butter. Add Uncle Charley’s Breakfast Patties to the mix to really take this breakfast sandwich to the next level!

Breakfast Sausage Casserole

Enjoy all of your favorite breakfast flavors combined into one casserole! Our make-ahead breakfast sausage casserole is perfect for casual family breakfasts or a special Sunday brunch with friends. Prepare the casserole the night before, stick it in the fridge over night, then just pop it in the oven the next morning. As an added bonus, this dish also makes excellent leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week!

Sausage is one of the few meats that’s versatile enough to be served for any meal, and breakfast is one of our favorites. Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe that incorporates sausage? Let us know in the comments below!

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