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While it does feel like we’ve been stuck in March for a long time, the most wonderful time of the year is around the corner! The holiday season is fast approaching and we’ve gathered some activities that will allow you to be socially distant and have a blast ❄️

Take a hike in the snow

Sure, fall hikes are great, but have you ever taken to the trails with snow on the ground?! You’ll truly enter a winter-wonderland on this adventure. 

Here are our top four trails we’ll be hiking this winter:

We recommend bringing a thermos of hot cocoa along for the trek, and make sure your camera is charged up for some gorgeous landscapes 🏔️

Rent a cabin

We’ve all gotten a little tired of the four walls we live in, so why not head out to a cabin and have a retreat away from home? Pack up for the holidays or a long weekend – companies like AirnBnB or VRBO have set in place strict guidelines surrounding sanitizing to protect visitors from COVID, making an adventure like this super safe and a great escape!

Here are a few locations we have our eyes on:

Go ice skating

Lace on some skates and hit the ice for a fun afternoon activity! ⛸️ Great for seasoned skaters and beginners alike, there is nothing like going gliding across some ice and feeling the wind in your hair.

We’ve rounded up a couple of outdoor skate rinks around Pittsburgh:

Build a snow fort

For an activity that will keep you on your own turf, wait for some of that nice powdery snow to fall and then build a snow fort! This will allow mom and dad to get the snow off of the driveway, and for the kids to burrow inside of it for an “arctic adventure” ☃️ To really add to the magic, whip up some sausage and egg breakfast cups using Uncle Charley’s Pork Sausage and try out this recipe for thick Italian hot chocolate.

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