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Unless you’ve been living under a culinary rock, chances are you have at least one staple Tex Mex dish that holds a place in your weeknight dinner rotation. From create-your-fave restaurants like Chipotle and Moe’s, to more traditional sit-down restaurants, TexMex cuisine has left its brand on foodies everywhere.

There’s no need to cross the border- or travel across town to your favorite restaurant- to find the TexMex flavors you’re craving this summer. From hearty breakfast bowls to flavorful casseroles, the latest addition to the Uncle Charley’s family of grillers packs the punch of spice and flavor you need to add more heat to your grill.

Why Tex Mex?
TexMex recipes have been growing in popularity ever since their Texas origination in the late 1880s. Diana Kennedy, noted Mexican culinary expert, is credited with raising the awareness and popularity of this flavorful fare. More recently, TexMex cuisine has seen more acceptance in the mainstream American palate leading to an annual industry growth of 2.9% across the board for restaurants featuring this cuisine. Though there are many factors that experts believe are driving this change, one thing is certain – restaurant patrons clamor for spice!

Create A Recipe

Anyone on a budget knows visiting your favorite restaurants night after night is only possible in a fantasy land. But creating crave-worthy weeknight meals doesn’t have to be a budget or time-consuming challenge. Even the most simple and savory rice skillets featuring rich sauces and spicy sausage are just 20 minutes from the table. Serve with tortilla chips, or topped with avocados, to customize your new weeknight dish. Or, spice up your mornings with a quick and flavorful egg and sausage bake.

Spice Up An Old Favorite
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? From traditional nacho nights to taco Tuesdays, Uncle Charley’s gives you the flavor notes you need to take your tried and true meals to the next level. For an effortless upgrade, simply replace traditional seasoned ground beef with Uncle Charley’s Ground TexMex Seasonal Selects.

Say Adios To Chorizo
A highly seasoned chopped or ground pork sausage commonly used in Spanish and Mexican Cuisine, Chorizo used to share the spotlight in the Uncle Charley’s line up. Though the flavors may have changed, Uncle Charley’s fans don’t need to sacrifice the spice. Simply replace the Chorizo sausage in your favorite Uncle Charley’s recipe with our newest TexMex flavor for a similar spice sensation!
Uncle Charley’s will add an authentic TexMex flavor to any dish for a weeknight meal. On top of that, you won’t mind having delicious leftovers the next day. Have a recipe you think would be a good fit for our new feature flavor? Share it in the comments below!

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