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A backyard barbecue. A cookout. A Grill-And-Chill. No matter what you call it, the summer is the perfect time to heat up the grill, call up some friends, and enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun.

Everyone is a different type of party host. But before you overburden yourself to throw the perfect event, here are the official Uncle Charley’s essentials for throwing a better-than-basic summer barbecue. So keep reading and prepare to host the event your neighbors will be talking about for months to come!

Cheers! To A Great Drink Selection
Barbecues and drinks go together like salt and pepper. Along with stocking your cooler with crisp brews and ice, be sure to mix up a few pitchers of a signature cocktail to give your guests a break from sugary sodas. If adult beverages aren’t your style, don’t be afraid to mix up a fresh lemonade or steep a unique and refreshing iced tea for your guests to sip.

Find The Perfect Mood Music
From relaxing brunches, to fancy dinner parties, and every meal in between, music plays a major role in setting the mood for your guests. Add a little more fun to your backyard bash by using your impeccable taste in music to curate a playlist of feel-good tunes to help get the party started! Be sure to choose music that makes you smile and dance, or find a pre-curated playlist so you can simply press play and forget about it.

Get Your Game Face On!
Even if the little ones didn’t make the guest list for your get together, your guests will still go gaga when they see you’ve set up a game of cornhole, horseshoes, or badminton. Though the classics are always entertaining, creating fun and unique backyard games are a DIY dream. Find a few outdoorsy twists on your favorite indoor games, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your activities.

Pick Easy, Classic Recipes
Before you go overboard and create a grocery list with over 100 items, remember that classic fare with a unique twist will make for a more impressive menu than an excessive amount of complicated dishes! Offer your guests a little spice with their starters when you heat up these Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño and Sausage Poppers. After you’ve whet their appetites, keep the main course simple and savory by throwing a mix of Uncle Charley’s Sweet Italian and Extra Hot Italian grillers over the flame. Who knew simple could be so tasty?

With the four steps above, you can host a grill-and-chill to enjoy with your guests that is truly one of a kind. Do you have any recipes or favorite tips that you think set your backyard barbecue apart from the rest? Share your secret in the comments below!

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