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We are thrilled to announce the release of a new sausage! Often used in Louisiana Cajun cuisine, this sausage brings a unique spicy flavor that can be used in a variety of recipes. With Mardi Gras coming up soon, all eyes will be on New Orleans and, of course, on the city’s famous Cajun-style food. Here is some background on the flavor and some of our favorite ways to prepare these new grillers!

The Origins

Andouille sausage is thought to have originated in France and Germany and brought over to the U.S. With it’s French background, the flavor found it’s way down to New Orleans and into a number of Cajun-style dishes. It is also often found in many Creole recipes, with French, German, Spanish, West African, and Native American influences. Andouille sausage is best known for being pork-based with a spicy flavor, which works nicely with the many Creole and Cajun recipes that are known for turning up the heat.

Recipes and Uses

Cajun and Creole influenced dishes are where andouille sausage shines.

Gumbo is a classic New Orleans dish that many have adapted and loved over the years, with andouille sausage being one of the main ingredients. Check out this Food Network recipe for an andouille sausage and chicken dish that is sure to make you think of New Orleans.

Jambalaya is a classic that uses rice and andouille sausage with a a few other meat, seafood, and vegetable selections. This recipe pairs the sausage with shrimp, for a tasty and spicy treat.

Dirty rice is simple and filling dish that pairs sausage, beans, and rice for a nice mix of flavor. Good Life Eats has provided a dirty rice recipe that combines these ingredients into an easy, but flavorful dinner.

If Creole cooking isn’t your forte, don’t worry! Our Andouille Grillers are great on the grill or added to any of your favorite sausage recipes that need some extra heat!

So what makes our andouille sausage special? It has the same premium quality and fresh sausage that you’ve come to expect from Uncle Charley’s, but with a real kick! Head to our website to find the closest store to you that sells Uncle Charley’s Products! Let the good times roll with this new, spicy flavor that is sure to bring some heat to your favorite recipes!

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