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When you think about meatballs, you probably think of one of their most classic manifestations: spaghetti with meatballs. So quintessential is this pairing, that it’s actually featured in an infamous Disney scene, and can be found on the menus of Italian eateries across the U.S.

But meatballs are not exclusive to Italian cooking, and are actually not even served with pasta in their true Italian form. In fact, the origins of these sphere-shaped foods have been claimed by many different cultures, including both Sweden (köttbullars) and Turkey (köftes). And now, Uncle Charley’s is staking our own claim to this dish!

Uncle Charley's Meatballs

Introducing: Meatballs

Your favorite sausage company is releasing our own version of Homestyle Meatballs. Made with our renowned fresh (and never frozen) pork, these pre-formed meatballs will have all the quality and flavor our brand is known for. Additionally, we are using citrus flour instead of breadcrumbs to hold our ground meat together – which means that this product will continue to be Gluten Free!

Because we are so thrilled about this new release, we decided to put together a list of the different things you can do with meatballs (besides tossing them on some noodles!), so that you can enjoy them in all sorts of ways:

  1. Meatball Soups. Sure, Italian Wedding Soup might be your first thought when it comes to dropping meatballs in broth, but check out this recipe for Meatball Tortellini Soup, or this one for Mexican Meatball Soup.
  2. Meatball Kebabs. When it comes to meat on a stick, there are a couple ways you could go. Check out this Grilled Swedish Meatball dish, or these Moroccan Style Meatball Kebabs.
  3. Meatball Garlic Bread Heroes. Simplify this recipe and skip making the meatballs by substituting Uncle Charley’s Homestyle Meatballs. Deliciously easy.
  4. Spicy Crockpot Meatballs. Try out this classic version if you’re playing it safe, or these Spicy Cranberry Barbecue Meatballs for a little more flair. Modify both of them by nixing the frozen meatballs and swapping for our own.
  5. Meatball Sliders. Biscuits plus cheese plus meatballs. Need we say more? Recipe here.
  6. Meatball Casserole. Again, to modify this recipe, skip the chicken meatballs and just use Uncle Charley’s. Easier on you – tastier for your family.
  7. Meatball Pizza. Yet another obvious and wonderful pairing, this dish is made more painless by using our pre-formed meatballs. Also, this puppy is pretty easy to personalize based on what other toppings you want to incorporate. Go nuts!
  8. Meatballs and Caesar Salad. You can make this meal as easy or as complicated as you want, depending on how  much of it you choose to make from scratch. Check out this recipe for DIY Caesar dressing.
  9. Meatball Curry. For a Red Thai curry dish, try this recipe on for size. Or for a different style of cuisine, go for Masala Meatball Curry.
  10. Spaghetti and Meatballs. This list would not be complete without a marinara recipe from scratch so that you can make your own Spaghetti and Meatballs at home! Try out these pointers, or find a different variation that you like better.

However you decide to cook your meatballs, know that with Uncle Charley’s you’re getting the best quality around, for a great price! Be sure to follow our social media pages to stay tuned about new recipes and promotions!

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