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Pittsburgh Pierogi Fest 2014

Thanks to Mrs. T’s Pierogies, this Saturday, October 18, is all about a Pittsburgh favorite: the pierogi. Uncle Charley’s Sausage is thrilled to be at  The 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Pierogi Fest with our new food truck, the Uncle Charley’s + Square Café Brunch Truck!

We’re also proud to be a sponsor of the event held this Saturday at Stage AE from noon to 5pm. The #CityofDumplings will celebrate in the North Shore, and our food truck will be offering both vegetarian and sausage-filled pierogi options.

Pittsburgh pierogi fun.

Stop by to venture through the Pop-Up Pierogi Marketplace, where you can find pierogi-inspired products, activities for the kids and appearances by the Pirates’ Pierogies.

Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogis

Image courtesy of The Pittsburgh Pirates.

There will also be live music performed by local musicians, such as the Pennsylvania polka pros Mon Valley Push Pandemic, the featured DJ, is known for playing a mix of folk and contemporary music that will surely energize the crowd.  

Food, food, food…and more food.

Of course, there will be plenty of food provided by local restaurants and vendors. Pittsburgh chefs will be frying, boiling, grilling and sautéing their very best pierogi recipes, including both traditional variations and more creative concoctions. 

The Uncle Charley’s + Square Café Brunch Truck will be serving up their own pierogi recipe, including one made with fresh Uncle Charley’s sausage.  The truck will also have beverages, tater tots, and treats for dessert.

You can catch a cameo of our truck and a sneak peak of the featured Uncle Charley’s pierogi on today’s SEEN video from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

Uncle Charley's Sausage Square Cafe Brunch Truck

Sherree Goldstein of Square Café with Sara Bauknecht and Natalie Bencivenga of SEEN from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Once you’ve gobbled up all the dumplings and sausage you desire, be sure to wash it all down with one of Pierogi Fest’s official beverages: Yuengling beer and Turner’s Iced Tea.

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