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Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

One of the most thoughtful and loving things you can do for someone is giving them a home-cooked meal. There are even studies saying that’s the best way to bond with someone else. So just how are you going to show your special someone how much you care? This Valentine’s Day, make them something they will love. Something savory and comforting is just what anyone needs on a chilly February night.

Here are a few recipes to inspire your perfect Valentine’s night in!

Sausage, Arugula, and Mozzarella Pizza by Life as a Strawberry
Everyone loves pizza. When you take the time to spread toppings and bake it to perfection yourself, you’ll love it even more. It’s up to you just how cheesy you make this, but we recommend spicing it up with ground Hot Italian Sausage.

A Savory Sweet Sausage and Cheese Tray
Now, this isn’t exactly a main course, but sometimes a cheese and meat tray can be more exciting than an entree. While you’re getting things cooking, pop open a bottle of wine and snack on this charcuterie with your cutie! You can find some tips for making yours at Main and Vine.

Vodka Cream Pasta by Eclectic Recipes
Creamy comfort food with someone who gives you that fuzzy feeling is all you need. This pasta dish is the perfect meal before an indulgent, chocolatey dessert. The recipe calls for Sweet Italian Sausage, but we also recommend using pork meatballs!

Beer and Italian Sausage Fondue by Giada De Laurentiis
We’ve all seen the romantic movie scene of feeding your partner something delicious. Fondue is that perfect dish to serve up romance in the air. You can try an array of savory cheese and bread combinations for a gooey fondue of Uncle Charley’s Sweet Italian Sausage. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate, so make a double fondue date with strawberries and melted chocolate.

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