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Uncle Charley’s has rolled out a new line of ready-to-serve (RTS) meals right in time to help those entertaining this holiday season. Uncle Charley’s Heat & Eat line of meals include:

  • Hot Italian Sausage with Oliverio Peppers in Tomato Sauce
  • Bratwurst & Sauerkraut
  • Smoked Kielbasa with Sauerkraut

Ready-to-eat meals have come a long way from the days of frost-burnt four compartment aluminum TV dinner trays from the 60s and 70s. Uncle Charley has decided to step up to the plate and enter the ready-to-serve pre-packaged-meal market! It should come as no surprise that the quality and taste they’ve built their reputation on hasn’t been sacrificed for the sake of consumer convenience.

These meals include absolutely no added nitrates or nitrites. They are fully cooked and can be prepared by microwave or heated on the stove in minutes. Make no mistake about it, these are premium pre-packaged and prepared meals. The quality of the meat isn’t compromised at all! None of the flavor from the expertly mixed spices and juices is lost.

The holidays can be chaotic and stressful. We are constantly rushing around; whether it’s shopping for gifts, decorating, hosting or attending holiday parties, or getting our homes together for arriving family and guests.

While the Uncle Charley’s Heat & Eat line of meals won’t replace a traditional home-cooked holiday meal, they are tasty quick and easy dishes to make as you’re running around trying to save Christmas. A quick means to feast without fretting.

For instance, kielbasa with sauerkraut is a tradition in many homes on New Year’s Eve or Day. Now, if there’s just no time or means to slow cook such a meal, you can purchase a few prepared Uncle Charley’s Heat & Eat meals and you’re good to go!

Convenience is a buzz word these days. The rise of the ready meal is real. Sales of RTS meals are consistently trending upward. In fact, U.S. sales for prepared meals are forecasted to grow to more than $195 billion within the next decade. Consumers want quick and easy meals or dishes for a parties or get-togethers.

For three decades, Uncle Charley’s Sausage has been committed to delivering the best-tasting, finest quality pork and sausage products. Their Heat & Eat meal line – available now at grocery, retail, deli, and food service outlets – sees them take a giant leap into a new market with literally quality, convenience, and deliciousness in a box.

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