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Easter Breakfast Recipes

Easter morning is always a special time for family and loved ones to celebrate. Taking the time to boil a couple of dozen eggs all feels worth it in the end after decorating them. If you have some leftover eggs you’re looking to use, or just looking for a great family breakfast idea, here are some of our Easter favorites!

Sausage Egg Casserole by Tasteaholics

For something easy to prep the night before, after you’ve made enough hard-boiled eggs to feed an army, this recipe is great. You can green it up with spinach and use your favorite type of sausage. We recommend Bratwurst for this cheesy dish.

Sausage and Apple Dutch Baby by Seasons and Suppers

Dutch babies are one of the best sweet breakfast treats you can make, so why not make it twice as good with sausage! This can be tweaked with any of your favorite Dutch baby toppings, but our favorite combo is definitely apples, walnuts, and Cinnamon Apple Maple links.

Hornazo (Spanish Sausage and Egg Stuffed Bread) by SBS

This bread is a traditional festival and Easter meat pie of Spain that calls for boiled eggs and blood sausage. It’s the perfect dish to make use of all those eggs you already bought for the holiday! You can make it a more breakfast-feeling treat by replacing the blood sausage with our Maple Breakfast links.

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