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The Perfect Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed can be one of the most caring gestures you can make for someone. It definitely starts the day off right! Here are some of our favorite ways to wake up a loved one.

Sausage Avocado Sweet Potato “Toast” by Paleo Paparazzi

To bring your person morning joy, try out this rich avocado toast using baked sweet potatoes as toast! This green and tasty ensemble can be dressed up a million ways. We recommend trying it out with savory Kolbassi and a few dashes of hot sauce.

Classic Sausage Hash by Taste of Home

This is one of those breakfast meals that might end up waking someone up from the smell alone. This skillet of meat and potato goodness is a hearty start to anyone’s morning. We recommend using our classic breakfast patties and prepping the night before for easier morning cooking.

Sausage Crescent Rolls by Mantitlement

What’s better than pigs in a blanket, eaten while under a blanket? It’s hard to beat these easy bake-and-serve breakfast treats. This recipe includes a bourbon-maple glaze that goes perfectly with Uncle Charley’s Maple Breakfast links.

Crepes with Creamy Sausage Filling by MyRecipes

Delicate crepes are the perfect combo to this creamy sausage filling. The recipe calls for any pork sausage, but we recommend ground Sweet Italian sausage to give add something more to the creaminess of the filling. Don’t worry, if you haven’t mastered making your own crepes, you can always grab some pre-made shells at most grocery stores.

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