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Father’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because it’s perfectly acceptable to give meat as a gift. We put together a list of gift ideas that are sure to put a glisten in dad’s eye.

Whiskey Barrel

Let dad age his own whiskey, bourbon, and rum with a personalized white oak whiskey barrel. Oak is the most common type of wood used for whiskey making. The barrel is where fragrance and complexity begin and are able to be kept for a longer period of time inside. The interior of the barrel is charred to filter the spirit and create more flavor. Give him the opportunity to show off his custom barrel and bragging rights when everyone enjoys the flavor.

Personalized Father’s Day Socks

Socks are pretty much the quintessential Father’s Day gift. This year, instead of opting for argyle, give him the opportunity to sport around custom face socks. That’s right – you can put your mug all over his feet. These socks through DivvyUp allow you to put up 3 faces on one pair of socks. So you can put the siblings on there, the family pet, or just put yourself on there because we all know you’re his favorite.

BBQ Kit Toolbox

Tongs? Check. Spatula? Check. Salt and pepper? Check. Nice cold can of beer and/or soda? Check. This duffle bag is perfect for any dad that loves to grill. The large bag serves as a cooler and can also hold all of the grill essentials that you may need at a tailgate or picnic gathering.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

If your dad loves to bring the heat, get him a DIY Hot Sauce Kit. He can make unique flavors such as Guajillo Pepper, Arbol Pepper, and Chipotle Pepper to help get him started. The kit not only includes spices, but contains peppers, vinegars, and brown sugar to let him take his sauce to the next level.

Meat Basket

To go along with the BBQ theme, we know pop will love having something he can throw on the grill. Create a full on smorgasbord for him with products from Uncle Charley’s. We suggest Sweet Italian grillers, pork sausage, Kolbassi, and bratwurst. But if your dad is bold and really into some heat, get him the Extra Hot Italian sausage. With a basket of meat from everyone’s favorite Uncle, this is sure to be his best Father’s Day yet.

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