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Let’s face it, turkey gets all the attention this time of year, but if you’re like us and get a little tired (figuratively and literally) of all the turkey. But before you burn out on all of the traditional Thanksgiving goodies, treat yourself to something different, yet just as tasty! These fall sausage recipes are just the thing to spice up your season!

Sauteed Sausage with Bacon and Apple Sauerkraut

Say guten tag to this hearty and delicious recipe that brings so many wonderful flavors to one fantastic dish! This recipe from Food & Wine not only promises a super-satisfying dinner, but comes with the bonus of bacon! If you want to try preparing this dish the traditional German way, use pork sausage or bratwurst, and add onions, sugar, and just a dash of Riesling wine. It’s a great meal to prepare when you’re a little bored with traditional Thanksgiving fare!

Pumpkin and Sausage Pasta

Don’t give up on pumpkins yet. This wonderful fusion recipe from the Food Network will make you want to jump into a giant pile of leaves! All you need is pasta, canned pumpkin, and your favorite sausage flavor. This recipe recommends sweet Italian, but our pumpkin spice sausage adds a unique twist to the flavor profile.

Sausage Stuffing

Ok, so we’ll admit that traditional Thanksgiving dinner is pretty amazing, but the lack of sausage is still a crime! Luckily, this quick and easy recipe from Epicurious brings our favorite food back to the dinner table. All you need are the traditional stuffing spices you normally use, a blender set on low, and your preferred sausage flavor!

Fall Sausage Stew

Nothing puts you in the fall mood more than a piping hot bowl of stew! Fend off the chilly November nights with this recipe from Martha Stewart. You’ll be amazed by how many fall flavors this dish packs! From butternut squash to parsnips, and of course, sausage! This recipe calls for spicy Italian sausage, but like with the other recipes, use your favorite!

There’s nothing quite like diving into the fall season with a great new recipe! Taking time to relax and share a meal with your family and friends makes those chilly nights so much more pleasant. Turkey gets the most attention this season, but we all know how tasty sausage is all year long!  

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