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Even though the nights are getting chillier, many of us still love to be outdoors! This time of year, there’s no better way to spend time outside than around a nice, warm fire. You might think it’s not that hard to throw a great fire pit party. All you need to is gather some wood, light it on fire, and stand around, right? Wrong! Whether you’re off camping or just in the backyard, throwing a great fire pit party requires some important, yet simple steps!

  1. Keep It Legit!

Before you get too far, make sure to obey all local ordinances. Many cities and municipalities place restrictions and regulations on open flames and chimineas. In some places, they must be a certain distance from the house, others regulate how high your flame can grow. Just make sure your fire pit is compliant.

  1. Seats and Blankets

You can never have enough seating at fire pit party. People will be drawn to your place like a moth to a…well, you know.  To accommodate everyone, it’s usually easiest to institute at BYOC, or bring-your-own-chair policy. This also avoids any arguing over who gets to sit where. Everyone brings a chair, everyone’s happy! The same thing goes for blankets. Although you’ll all be gathered around a nice warm fire, late autumn nights can still get rather cold. Having a few spare blankets allows everyone to warm up that little bit extra as needed.

  1. Drinks

This is a great opportunity to warm up yourself and your guests. While hot cocoa and cider are perfectly fine for a fire pit party, we suggest trying something a little more adventurous. Wassail is a nice, hearty drink that you can prepare with or without alcohol. Like cider, it’s apple-based, but with plenty more spices and even some eggs thrown in to really fill you up! Another unique option is hot buttered lemonade! Believe us, it tastes better than it sounds. It’s a great recipe for anyone bored with the traditional cider, cocoa, or eggnog routine.

  1. Food

No party is complete without delicious food! Perfect options for any fire pit party are any Uncle Charley’s Grillers! With a flavor to suit every guest’s needs, cooking is easy when you’re already seated around the heat source. We recommend purchasing a campfire grill that you can place directly over the flame.

  1. More Food

You can’t gather ‘round the fire without at least bringing a bag of marshmallows to toast! This is one tradition we never mind keeping! S’mores are always a great way to go, but you can also make some amazing mountain pie desserts with a little know-how. Whatever you decide to make, make sure there’s enough to go around!

The most important part of any fire pit party is the fun you’ll have with people you love! Whether you’re singing along to a guitar, swapping old stories, or just enjoying the crackling fire, a fire pit party is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors this season! For more great dining, party, and recipe ideas, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!


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