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Thanksgiving is all about getting together with the people you appreciate in life. If you have a lot of people, “Friendsgiving” is the holiday before the holiday that makes the most out of the season. It’s a win-win of more loved ones and more food!

Thanksgiving Day is already a headache to handle on its own between shopping, cooking, and cleaning, before anyone is doing any eating. Friendsgiving is the casual cousin of the holiday. There is a good bit of coordination involved, but Friendsgiving can be treated a lot like a potluck!

Here’s just a few ways you can make Friendsgiving something to remember by making an easy going, and Instagram-worthy table setting.

Tips for Hosting a Friendsgiving with Uncle Charleys.

First things first, plates.

Now you don’t necessarily have to bring out the fine China for a casual get together, but matching does make it nice. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, get the “nice” paper plates. They make a lot of options from fall-themed to rose gold.

Set the mood.

It’s not something you can always see, but you can definitely hear it. Even if you aren’t going to have a unified theme in your décor, you have to have some good tunes. It’s as easy as finding an oldies playlist, or putting together some house music your friends all remember from very different parties back in the day.

Decorative vegetables are your friends.

Gourds, corn, and, of course, pumpkins. They are your tools to making it all come together. Mini-pumpkins are especially versatile in everything from vase filler to DIY name cards. Make Martha Stewart proud and craft where you can!

Throwing the best Friendsgiving with Uncle Charleys.

Keeping those spirits bright.

A usual get together with friends involves some brews or a bottle of wine. We recommend setting up a themed drink station dedicated to libations. Going as far as making a Friendsgiving signature drink can be creative and tasty, too. With all the cider, cranberry, and cinnamon flavors everywhere, the possibilities are endless.

Hang a Sign.

Trust us. Sometimes all it takes to put a bow on your Friendsgiving party is to announce it in words. Banners, framed art, or even balloon letters are all great ways to do it.

Make a “dress code.”

Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be your Aunt Carole’s Thanksgiving where you’re practically in black-tie attire. Set up a fun dress code like “stretchy or PJ pants only.” After everyone’s done eating, they’re going to need them. Gifting an item to your friends like Fall flower crowns or dollar store turkey hats makes for some snap-happy table moments.

Whatever you and your friends decide this Friendsgiving, make it memorable with good food! Keep your eye out for new fall recipes every month.

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