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Unique Spins on Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving eating is the highlight of the holiday season! It brings everyone together to eat some comfort foods and have a great time. If you’re hosting this year’s dinner, try something a little new. If you’re bringing a dish to the party, you don’t want something run-of-the-mill. Check out these different stuffed and tasty recipes for a new spin on some Thanksgiving favorites.

Turkey stuffed with Ricotta and Sausage by DeLallo

Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without turkey. Give the star dish the spicing up it deserves by making it creamy and savory. We recommend our Sweet Italian Sausage combined with some cranberry sauce for the filling.

Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing by AllRecipes

Grounds sausage and cornbread are the comfort food essentials you didn’t know you needed. This stuffing is the sweet and flavorful addition you’ll want any holiday meal. Not to mention this makes some of the best Thanksgiving leftover breakfast scramble around.

Stuffed Thanksgiving bread by Williams Sonoma

Save the dinner rolls for another night. This stuffed dish is all the bread you’ll need to pair with your plate of happiness! You can add even more Fall flavors with minced green apples and our Cinnamon Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage.

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