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to all our “Time to Eat” contest participants and congratulations to our winners.  We loved hearing from you and seeing your most creative ways to cook with Uncle Charley’s. From the backyard BBQ to breakfast favorites to sausage stuffed Pierogis (that’s right sausage stuffed pierogi’s!) you made our stomachs growl and impressed us with your originality.


GRAND PRIZE:                                         Craig R – Hudson, Ohio
GRAND PRIZE:                                         Harry K – Rockwood, PA

GRILL & CASE OF UC’S:                        David P – Vandergrift, PA
GRILL & CASE OF UC’s:                         Kimberly M – Akron, OH

UNCLE CHARLEY’S FOR 1 YEAR:     Betty S – Scott Twp.  PA

$40 OF UNCLE CHARLEY’S:               Grady M – Akron, OH
$40 OF UNCLE CHARLEY’S:               Bob H –  Pittsburgh, PA

5 PACKS OF UNCLE CHARLEY’S:     Mark J – Brunswick, OH
5 PACKS OF UNCLE CHARLEY’S:     Brenda M – Bellfonte, PA

for our first Grand Prize winning recipe from Rockwood, Pennsylvania and make sure to stay tuned. We will be posting additional winning recipes along with some of our favorite contest submissions. Don’t forget with Uncle Charley’s its always “Time to Eat”

RECIPE: “Mt. Mess”

SUBMITTED BY: Harry K. Rockwood, PA

GRAND PRIZE: Backyard BBQ with 20 friends and a celebrity guest


Uncle Charley’s Bratwurst, Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage, or a Combination
Baby Red or Gold Potatoes
Green Peppers
Red Peppers
Green Onions
Cherry Tomatoes
Old Bay or Creole Seasoning


  1. Start with baby (red or gold) potatoes in a large foil pan.
  2. Season them well with heaps of garlic and your favorite spicy seasoning (ex. old bay or creole) and pour beer over until the potatoes are fairly submerged.
  3. Cover and place on lower grill rack on med heat.
  4. Put Uncle Charley’s Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage, Brats, or any combo in a pan of beer and put beside or on top rack to start cooking.
  5. Cut up Jalapenos, Mushrooms and Peppers
  6. Combine sausage into the potatoes pan about 30-40 min into the cooking process
  7. Render sausage in the potatoes for 15 minutes
  8. Remove sausage from potato mixture and let cool for a few minutes
  9. Add jalapenos, mushrooms and peppers into potato mixture cook until veggies are tender
  10. Cut sausage into small chunks and add to potato and veggie mixture
  11. Cook for a few minutes until peppers have a good texture
  12. Top with green onions and Cherry tomatoes
  13. For additional “mess” feel free to add steak, chicken or shrimp (not required)
  14. ENJOY!

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