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If you’re a Pittsburgh fan, you definitely enjoyed last week’s playoff game against Miami! However, there are still two more rounds before the Big Game and the road for the Black and Gold is a long one. Watching games is a great reason to get together with friends and family. But even as you twirl your towels and don your treasured jersey, watching your team can be a bit stressful—especially in a house full of fans.

Have no fear! We’ve got some great tips to help you enjoy every single down, win or lose. So whether you’re a Pittsburgh fan or not, we’re here with some tips for a great playoffs party. Keep reading!

1. Plan Ahead

Too often we see a perfectly good playoff party go wrong. Here are few things to watch out for.

For one, make sure you know your space and invite accordingly. In other words, too many guests with not enough seating or food equals a bad time. We know you want to share in the excitement with all your loved ones, but going for quality over quantity ensures a better experience for everyone.

Here’s another pro tip: look at the game schedule before kick-off. It might sound obvious, but there’s nothing worse than flipping through channels or the guide while your team just returned the opening kick for a touchdown.

2. Alternative Entertainment

Sadly, there will always be a few tagalongs at your playoff party who don’t like football. While these people are few and far between in western Pennsylvania, they still exist. To ensure everyone has a good time at your party, try getting your less-than-enthusiastic friends involved in different ways.

One thing you can try are these football watching bingo cards. Not only do they help everyone engage with the big game, but they’re also require next to no knowledge about football! So while you’re focused on that official’s review, your guests are scanning the crowds for someone in the away team’s jersey. Everybody wins!

3. Good Snacks

We wouldn’t be in the sausage business if we didn’t think good food was crucial to everyday life! This is absolutely the case when it comes to a playoff party. No matter your favorite team, love/hate of football, or result of the game, everyone loves some good snacks!

To leave all your guests smiling, regardless of the game’s outcome, try any of our Uncle Charley’s grillers. If you really want to get into the authentic Pittsburgh spirit, we definitely recommend our fresh kolbassi!

Need recipe ideas, too? No problem! Check out our recipes section for plenty of inspiration. The crescent roll-upsbacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, and Pittsburgh pierogi sliders are just a few of our favorites!

Have any more tips for a great playoffs party experience? Make sure to let us know about them!

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