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Uncle Charley’s is pleased to announce the launch of their new line of smoked grillers which includes a collaboration with local brewery Rivertowne Brewing to introduce a new beer-smoked bratwurst.

Uncle Charley’s is the dominant brand in the fresh sausage category and jumped on the opportunity to extend their brand into the smoked/cooked category. These new items replicate the premium taste and quality of Uncle Charley’s fresh products but offer the convenience of being pre-cooked while delivering the smoked flavor many consumers prefer.


Uncle Charley's Smoked Line

Introducing Uncle Charley’s New Smoked Line!

In evaluating this smoked sausage category, they noticed there were no Italian sausage brands – which is the most popular flavor in the fresh segment and is the flavor that has made Uncle Charley’s famous. In addition, they saw an opportunity to introduce a premium beer bratwurst into this segment.

When looking for a local beer brand, they were excited to partner with Rivertowne Brewery, due to their similarities in mission: to consistently output premium quality products. The Rivertowne brands offer an exceptional line of craft beers that have developed a tremendous consumer following through their premium taste and strong community involvement. Additionally, their lager had a great flavor profile that complemented the bratwurst recipe to produce a great tasting beer bratwurst.The new smoked sausage line comes in 4 flavors: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Rivertowne Beer Bratwurst, and Kielbasa and is sold in a 12oz package with 4 grillers.The line will be introduced in the Pittsburgh market in time for the Memorial Day Grilling Season.

A local Pittsburgh brand collaboration between Rivertowne Brewing and Uncle Charley's.

A local Pittsburgh brand collaboration between Rivertowne Brewing and Uncle Charley’s.

“We wanted to partner with a local organization that had a similar quality commitment and community centered vision to ours. It has been a great experience working with Rivertowne through the production of this line and we are excited to see what comes next,” said Paul Beranek Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Uncle Charley’s.

The collaboration is the first of it’s kind for both Rivertowne and Uncle Charley’s, and they anticipate it to be a successful one.

Uncle Charley’s Sausage is an institution in this part of the country and a name which is synonymous with freshness and quality. Their unwavering commitment to sourcing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients make them a perfect partner and complement to our beer and processes. We are honored that Uncle Charley’s chose Rivertowne Brewing to collaborate with us on this beer-soaked bratwurst adventure.

Rivertowne Brewing is dedicated to producing exceptional, approachable craft beer. Our team of passionate, innovative brewers work tirelessly to create unique recipes with high-quality ingredients and hold each beer to the highest of standards, ensuring the final product in your glass is something you’ll enjoy and come back to. Our sustainable packaging allows you to enjoy your favorites at home, the ballpark, or making your way down a peaceful river. At Rivertowne, we emphasize the entire craft beer experience and value the devotion our fans have to our product.

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