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Boo! Halloween is just around the corner! Don’t let the ghosts and ghouls catch you by surprise We have some themes up our sleeves to help you celebrate that spooky season, and tasty, kid-friendly snacks to match!

Ancient Egypt

Pyramids and sphinxes and pharaohs, oh MY! To stick with the theme of Ancient Egypt, whip up some sausage mummies using Uncle Charley’s Cinnamon Apple Maple Selects! We’re a big fan of this recipe.

To go along with the theme, make some Egyptian Mint Limeade drinks and pick up some extra rolls of toilet paper to play a game of Toilet Paper Mummy! You can even let the kids go and watch The Mummy in another room to get your own spooky on.


What kid doesn’t like to pretend to eat brains and stomp around the house as though they’re an extra from The Walking Dead? To help get the kids in the spirit, jazz up your usual deviled eggs and make them look like some scrambled brains!

Then, send the kids on a scavenger hunt to find a cure to the virus that turned everyone to zombies! This could span across your house or around the neighborhood

The Arctic

To chill the kids cravings and get them in the spirit for some frightening fun, whip up some pumpkin cheesecake popsicles. Every little Arctic explorer will enjoy these tasty, quintessentially fall treats – and so will you!

Once they’re all sugared up, burn some energy by having them build an igloo fort with sheets and pillows! If you angle it towards the tv, it can turn into an extra-special movie theater experience. Put on Halloween Town or The Nightmare Before Christmas and hand over the popcorn!


No shame in going with the classic monster theme this Halloween. Make scream machines out of cardboard, like in Monster’s Incorporated, or try one of these spooky monster crafts. And when the kids need a snack break, you can have monster apples at the ready for them to chow down on!

We hope you have the best Halloween with your kids! Be sure to take lots of pictures and tag us using #UncleCharleys on Facebook and Instagram

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