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Holiday Party Ideas: Don’t Do Another Boring Holiday Table Setting


Holiday Party Ideas: Out With The Old In With The New

Anyone entertaining family or friends during the holidays will likely fixate on the holiday table. After all, this is where everyone gathers for the meal! With the exception of maybe a fully lit and decorated Christmas tree, it’s also generally the centerpiece of your holiday decor. It needs to look great but also be functional. Of course, you’re going to stress over it!

But, do you really have to? What if we told you that you could throw traditional table-setting rules right out the the window? Here are a few non-traditional approaches to your holiday table setting courtesy of our staff – many of whom have vast experience hosting holiday shindigs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix & Match

There’s no need to stress if you don’t have fancy china or perfectly matched sets of glasses or silverware. A mix and match holiday tabletop can contribute to a fun, carefree vibe.

It is perfectly okay to have different colored plates or cloth napkins on your table. It’s also okay to sit out different types of glasses and different salad bowls. You can even go as far as having different types of chairs at the table.

We know that somewhere there’s a Type A personality having a nervous breakdown reading all of this. But the sight of a table where everything isn’t so “fancy schmancy” tends to put guests at ease. A little bit of perceived imperfection or zaniness can create a comfortable ambiance. One where everyone is relaxed enough to roll up their sleeves, loosen their collars, and dig in!

Dump the Centerpiece

Again, traditional table setting formalities be damned! Centerpieces are often gaudy and take up way too much of a table’s prime real estate. They’re also distracting. Centerpieces can block everyone’s view of each other. They just aren’t necessary on the day of your meal. They make more sense as a decorative element when the table is bare and the chairs surrounding it are empty.

Instead of a centerpiece, consider some festive fresh garland with a small yet visually stunning floral arrangement plopped into it. White pillar candles also add a nice touch.

Go Ahead and Have a Blue Christmas

We don’t mean sad. It’s just reds and greens get a bit played out this time of year. A blue decor accentuated by some gold or white can look just as good. Blue represents the color of the sky and heaven. White represents purity, peace, and snow. It is also recognized by most churches as the color of Christmas. Gold represents the sun and light. Silver is sometimes used for light but gold is warmer. These colors in some combination complete a rich, elegant, beautiful holiday decor in your home that isn’t like everyone else’s.

Be Creative With Your Appetizer Presentation

We certainly can’t overlook your holiday table’s spread now, can we? Particularly the appetizers that everyone will munch on as they await the main course. Don’t be afraid to be a little creative with your presentations here. For example, rather than throwing together an average ho-hum cheese and cracker plate, check out this amazing holiday sausage, cheese, and cracker Christmas tree appetizer on Pinterest. Cut up some Uncle Charley’s sausage and let your artistic spirit run wild!

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